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Title of work:Withering Flowers

Name of Applicants:Ren Nuoya

Location of School:Beijing

Name of School/University:Tsinghua University


The 'Withering Flowers' series has totally 6 decorative lights which represent the process of flowers from blossom to wither. Its main material is silver and brass. I chose OLED as the lightning sourse. It combines glass balls and optical fibers to let the light come out. The main craftmanship involved is pinching wax, casting and welding. The process of flowers from blossom to wither is nature's most beautiful and at the same time cruel things. It is just like human life from the inocent childhood to serene old age. By using silver, brass and some comprehensive materials, I replace one of the four pedal each flower with cypress leaves and keep some pedals at the same time. Meanwhile, I add light element into it to depict the beauty of nature. Withering flower is beautiful too, with a kind of passing beauty, which can make people rethink of the meaning of life and the relationship of human and nature.