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Title of work:<Xu Mi Na Jie(A Mountain can Contain a Seed)-Six Roughness>

Name of Applicants:Yu Chunna

Location of School:Tianjin

Name of School/University:Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts




Water bear  this type of biological scientists confirmed that can survive in strong radiation environment, or can also survive in space, in nature, but why will appear this kind of life will let we are very interested in, behind the squid, shrimp can also cause we have the same question that the advent of an engine is the same, we have self awareness, see the laws of nature, created the artificial objects, which is a part of nature? With the astronauts in one hand and the staves in the kettle has the religious belief and cultural life of our science and technology, to prove that life is meaningful to us?

Museum be a place too exhibition arts works ,has a special sense of space could make people Into a calm state of mind. Before we entered the art gallery to see always hanging on the wall, Or in the space.like nothing hold things. The frame and work instructions differentiate between works and art gallery, Art gallery ACTS as a container for these works. When we enter into the exhibition,No one see the walls of hung with paintings and stop to admire the wall between paintings.You can imagine , If put these works in Museum outside will is a what look like. On the streets became an abandoned painting, on the mall becomes a decoration, In the home will also be a foil of people's life. Only in these pure space, works of art to get its best value. The museum itself is the value of the container,and the banner of the wall is the edge of the container. So I just want to can make space of the gallery itself is a work, let the audience to see the wall. There is no frame to segment the works and the wall space. At the same time let the wall as a maternal, gives birth to the works. As if the whole world is born in the emptiness, Actually it is for the emptiness of thinking, also let artists create numerous works.