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Title of work:REMADE IN CHILE


Location of School:Chile

Name of School/University:Diego Portales University


Remade in Chile is a nonprofit organization that uses sustainable design as a strategic tool for social entrepreneurship. Remade´s value proposition is to give social entrepreneurs both training and consultancy to improve their innovation levels. This allows shortening the gaps between supply and market needs, recognizing consumer trends.

So far, Remade in Chile has focused his work on women entrepreneurs (most of them heads of household), analyzing their business problems and needs, supporting them through design to strengthen and grow their companies.

Along with job training, Remade works giving design consultancies. A team of excelent professionals lead the entrepreneurs in the development of new products from waste material. Furthermore, Remade in Chile allows to bring their products to fairs and events so that the entrepreneurs can field test new proposals and validate the effectiveness of training programs.