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Title of work:The Broomhand

Name of Applicants:Hee Suet Er

Location of School:Taiwan

Name of School/University:Shih Chien University


Everyone is burdened with mission in life. There is a reason behind every mission.

In the story, the mission of the main character, Gigi is to sweep out all the stones which are falling from the sky out of his island. He feels bored of his duty. The light on his shoulder not only help him to light up the place but also supervises him to sweep the stones. Life is full of tired duty and responsibility. However, when the God want to give you a present, the present is always packed by layers of difficulty. If we insist to the last moment, we will find out that an unexpected surprise is waiting for us. We will realise that we are surrounded by friends and hopes. We will also be grateful to who support us throughout the life journey.