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Title of work:CARIES

Name of Applicants:PING-HAN, CHEN

Location of School:Taiwan

Name of School/University:Shih Chien University


Tooth decay is the most frustrating kind of experience. Caries occurs in the moment as if all things have been already decided. The dentist can do nothing, but only drill the hard enamel to remove the bad part away and then cover up with something else. Once the caries happen, it will never be the primitive teeth. Just like I have worked so hard trying to return to the origin of things. I was hoping things could be changed or restored; however, this is likely to get worse in the future. It will have color differences. I can only hoping not to go through the experience once, secretly.

This animation, CARIES, not only want to reinterpreting the painful treatment of cavities, but also want people to rethink what they have committed to compensate for their mistakes.