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Title of work:Make progress every day

Name of Applicants:Rong Nianzeng

Location of School:China HK



“Make progress every day” is a Chinese idiom, an encouraging phrase that Mao Zedong sent for Chinese children in 1950, and four words that appear most frequently on the screen wall of schoolhouse of Chinese primary schools. Inspired by it, I started to create conceptual cartoon in 1970, in which I drew children who always asked questions and did not study hard. Five years ago, I began to plan the exhibition and workshop of “Make progress every day” cartoon, named the child in my cartoon as Tiantian, and created his stereoscopic shape. For me, the stereoscopic image of Tiantian was like a piece of white paper full of possibilities. A piece of white paper is white and blank, allowing people to write or scrawl. The first person who invented white paper is an artistic designer. The material, size, shape and texture are all the consideration of creative design. White paper provides a platform and framework for people to write, express and discuss; the words expressed can be discussion, and the content of discussion can also be a platform and framework. The more writing, expression and discussion, the more possibility of driving originality. When pushing forward the plan, I expected avidly; I believed that originality can drive originality, and art can drive discussion; I also hope that the platform of originality can drive the appearance of more originality platforms. The spirit of “make progress every day” is the spirit of originality in Hong Kong, and also the start of Chinese originality.