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NEWGEN Design Exhibition (NEWGEN) is one of the world’s most flourishing annual culture event hold in Beijing from 28th Sep to 6th Oct 2013. Co-organized by University’s Creation Park (UCP) and Beijing Design Week, NEWGEN have a vision to showcase and promote new designer businesses today.  
NEWGEN covers a wide range of arts field, such as product design, visual communication, new media animation, interactive design, architectural and environmental design, clothing design, Bags, jewelry and shoes design, and digital entertainment design.
Since NEWGEN’s inception, it has attracted more than 500 prestigious Chinese and international academies of fine arts and universities in the last 2 years. 
Top-rated works may put on trial sale in UCP designer shop, and take part in future itinerant exhibition in Milan Design Week、London Design Week and Tokyo Design Week. 
NEWGEN has become a showcase of the best up-and-coming international design talent. It also acts as an important introduction for young designers to influential press and buyers from around the world.

The exhibition has become a key draw for the government officials, entertainment and media industry, universities and major public media attending NEWGEN.

Major Governmental:
Participants Guiren Yuan,Minster of Education; Party Secretary of Ministry Yubo Du, Deputy Party Secretary of the Ministry of Education; the Deputy Minister  Xiaofeng Zhang, Deputy Party Secretary of Personnel Exchange Center, Ministry of Industry  Ning Liu, Secretary of China Industrial Design Association .

Major University Participants :
Xiaobo Lu, President of Art and Design Academy of Tsinghua University; 
Bing Xu, Vice-Chancellor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts ;
Haiyan Wu Chancellor of Art Design Institute of China Academy of Art ; Yuanfeng Liu, President of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology ;
Kuiyu Tian Executive Vice-President of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts ;
Jian Zhao Vice-president of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts;
Fangtian Ying Vice-president of International Design Institute of Zhejiang University;
Xinyuan Huang Chancellor of Animation and Digital Arts School of Communication University of China.

Major Enterprise Participants
Changtian Wang President of Information & Business Department, Enlight Media
Jing Li CEO of Fleet Entertainment
Huang Hong CEO of China Interactive Media Group
Xiaosheng Tan CEO and VP of QIHU 360
Miao Zhao Director of public affair unit, Beijing Coca-Cola Beverage Ltd
Wei Jia Founder of LKK Design

Major Media Participants
CCTV news channel, CCTV Painting and calligraphy channel, BTV news channel, CETV, GuangMing Daily, China Youth News, Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening News, XinHua News Agency, China News Agency, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, RenRen, PPTV, QiYi, YouKu, TuDou, BAMC Mobile TV

【Organizing Committee:】 University’s Creation Park, Beijing Institution of Fashion Technology Academy of Art & Design
【Supporters:】 Beijing Design Week
【Sponsors】: CETV, China Industrial Design Association, Visual China
【Strategic Partner】: Beijing Coca-Cola Beverage LTD

【Time】: 28th September - 6th October
【Location】: Beijing Design Week key exhibition area and University Creation Park
【Call for Entry】: 20th July - 10th September 2013
【Categories】: Product Design, Visual Communication, New Media and Animation, Interactive Design, Architectural and Environmental Design, Clothing Design, Bags, Jewelry and Shoes Design, Digital Entertainment Design
【Participating Schools】: Top domestic design colleges together with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and international universities from USA, South Korea, Japan, Russia, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Australia, Chili and Israel.
【Curator】: Prof. Zhaochen Ding

College recommendation: Colleges collect the graduation works and hand in the soft copy to the stated email address or qq group:
Email: chuangyizongbu2011@126.com
QQ group: 253566556、234894565
【Work requirement】: Any work that can display through microblog.
【Activity prizes】:
1. The excellent work on online exhibition will be rewarded to join the journey of the Beijing International Design Week to exhibit the work and own the chance of having a circuit exhibit around all England colleges.
2. The creative work which are market potential will be recommended to the enterprises and improve the exchange between work and talents.
3. Provide the job opportunities for the talents of the excellent work and help them to own their business.
ActivitActivity 2: Works by interactive assessment
【Activity introduction】: Giving comments on the International Colleges’ Graduation Designs.
【Application】: Anyone giving comments, transmits, micro blog events, official vote.
【Activity prizes】: “The best comment” and “The most famous online work” will win the prizes.
Activity dates】:27th June, 2012 - 30th July, 2012 ActivitActivity 3: the journey of the Design Week
【Activity introduction】: The design of the national anniversary in capital depends on the students in the university. “2012 International Colleges Graduation Design Exhibition” and “2012 Beijing International design week”mighty corporate. As the “College students station” of the journey of the Design Week, publics can “walk through design, experience design, and consume design”. This journey helps to show the college students’ creation and promote their creative products to the market.
For students: make your work become a commodity!
For enterprises: make creation achieve business!
For governments: make the design integrate into the industry!
【Exchange platform】: Invite Embassies around the world, related design enterprises, culture companies, art organizations and professional galleries to make a visit of the exhibition and make deals on-site.
【Traveling exhibit】:

【Work collection dates】: 20th June, 2012 – 20th August, 2012
【Exhibition dates】: 28th September, 2012 – 6th October, 2012
【Exhibition venue】: University's Creation Park (Yizhuang Creative Life Plaza)
【Exhibition area】: 3000㎡
【Exhibition type】:
1. Architecture designs (engineering cases and artists’impressions of architecture designs and urban landscapes);
2. Modern handicrafts (fiber art, ceramic design, dyeing & textile design, glass design and decoration art);
3. Planar designs (logo, poster, visual identity system, printing design, ads design, book decorative art, package design, city image design, etc.);
4. Industrial designs (product design, conceptual design,etc.);
5. Environment art (interior design, etc.);
6. Costume & fashion design (garment brand, fashion design, garment products, accessory design, cases, jewelry design and fashion accessories, etc.);
7. Photography (commercial photography, figure photography and press photography, etc.);
8. Animations (handmade animations, animation design, etc.);
9. Other creative works (art installations, etc.).

【Requirements for exhibits】
1. For the physical exhibits, the exhibitors can submit electronically the HD photos or electronic files of design boards. In the event the physical exhibits are delivered, the ceramics and art installations should be less than 50 kg in weight and less than 1 meter in length, width or height;
2. For the design works, the exhibitors should submit electronically the files of design board at 90cm×60cm (80cm×120cm);
3. Fashion design: physical exhibits or design board as specified above; 4. Other exhibits: consult the above requirements.

2013 NEWGEN Application Form download https://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=2946546782&uk=2050118788