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Title of work:Above the Cloud

Name of Applicants:Ren Nuoya

Location of School:Beijing

Name of School/University:Tsinghua University


The 'Above the Cloud' series has two lights each of which has more than 10 branches. At the top of each branch there is a pile of cloud some of which has small animal made of brass and enamel glazed on it.

One light is mainly decorated by different kinds of birds and colorful LED lights, and the other one is decorated by small animals with flashing LED lights. I always dreamed of how romantic it would be to dance on top of cloud while I was a child and always wanted to make this dream to a real light.

Extracting trees, clouds and a variety of animals by using colorful LED light, the enamel looks shining under light. It brings fantastic experience to audience, making them feel like they were in their childhood dreams.