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Title of work:Map Poetry

Name of Applicants:CHANG PO-CHIEH

Location of School:TAIWAN

Name of School/University:Taipei National University of the Arts


Daily lives, familiar circulation of the daily body, familiar schedule, and familiar muscle pain.

Daily time will confused people, and will numb us, eventually turning into daily accounts, turning into something that is as it should be, letting the body to be lost in the lost of speed in mind. 

Map poetry, 

in search of daily lives, relying on the accurate navigation of Google map to arrive at the destination, no process. I arrived confusingly and need to check on the navigation again to make sure which place is it, and to make sure where am I in the city. 

What I would like to discuss about is “distant”. There is only here, no there, there is only “here” from beginning to end. 

A line of words, a wrong accurate search, content, motion and imageries created from misunderstanding.

I collected them one by one unconsciously, 

eventually transforming into a poem

Re-read this familiar or maybe a city that I do not know at all.